Customized Drone

Widershine Technology offers a variety of fixed-wing, multi-rotor, VTOL, payload, photogrammetry control systems, ground stations, and other drone-related accessories. With a diverse product line, we cater to various industry applications such as surveying, agriculture, long-endurance missions, pipeline inspection, patrol, and logistics.

  1. Customizable Transmission Distance Our photogrammetry control systems can be customized to meet long-distance signal transmission requirements, ranging from 7KM, 15KM, 30KM, 40KM, and beyond. We provide multiple options for transmission distance selection. Additionally, our tethered base station can be used for relay communication, overcoming signal obstruction challenges and significantly extending the transmission range.

  2. Customizable Payload We offer customizable payload options to meet large payload requirements, ranging from 5KG, 8KG, 15KG, 30KG, 35KG, and beyond. With years of industry experience and rigorous testing by users worldwide, our drones ensure stable and reliable performance for heavy-duty operations.

  3. Customizable Flight Endurance Flight endurance can be tailored to meet long-endurance requirements, ranging from 30 minutes, 50 minutes, 60 minutes, 130 minutes, 300 minutes, and more. Widershine Technology provides various flight schemes, including hybrid, all-electric, and tethered base station power supply, to ensure stable and reliable performance that meets your specific needs.

  4. Customizable Features We offer a range of customizable features, including obstacle avoidance, precision landing, drone parachutes, low voltage and no-drug alarms, dust and waterproof design, failsafe return, intelligent recognition, photogrammetry control system with effective distance, automatic tracking, tethered base station power supply, image stabilization, and centimeter-level mapping accuracy.

  5. Customizable Industry Applications Widershine Technology drones can be equipped with various devices to meet the demands of different industries, including:

  • Environmental Monitoring: Water sampling, atmospheric monitoring, pollution monitoring, evidence collection for environmental damage, etc.
  • Urban Management: Enforcement against illegal construction, sidewalk occupation, illegal dumping of construction waste, identification of neglected hygiene areas, etc.
  • 3D Modeling: Highway surveying, bridge monitoring, volume measurement, tunnel and pipeline inspection, cultural heritage protection, archaeological restoration, land demarcation, real estate registration, etc.
  • Fire and Rescue: High-rise firefighting, fire inspections, hazard identification, incident investigation, night illumination, night vision search and rescue, etc.
  • Infrastructure: Bridge monitoring, railway inspections, pipeline monitoring, mining exploration, etc.
  • Energy Inspection: Power line inspections, photovoltaic plant inspections, wind farm inspections, inspections of oil and gas equipment, etc.
  • Water Resources Applications: Water area patrols, water environment monitoring, prevention of water and drought disasters, flood prevention and rescue, etc.
  • Construction Projects: Preliminary surveys and site selection, construction site management, project acceptance, real estate development, etc.